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    Release 2.18.0 · 7483dee0
    Dmitri Tikhonov authored
    - [API] Rename "0-RTT" to "session resumption." In IETF QUIC, "0-RTT"
      always refers to early data, meaning a request that the server can
      reply to in the very first return flight.  A more appropriate name
      for what we support on the client site is "session resumption," which
      is standard TLS terminology.  Later, when we add support for 0-RTT
      (early data), we can use the 0-RTT terminology again, this time in
      proper context.
    - [BUGFIX] Do not set certificate callback if ea_lookup_cert is NULL.
    - [BUGFIX] Make connection tickable when it's marked as closed.
    - [BUGFIX] Fail certificate lookup if SNI is not present in HTTP mode.
    - Several documentation fixes and improvements.
    - Minor code cleanup.
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